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By John Banville, Irish writer I am of an age when I still think of it as the Third Programme.

It’s a glory of British culture, and one of Britain’s richest contributions to the world of civilised values.

One of the best things about Britain is its birds and my absolute favourite is the swan.

I’m a member of a syndicate which has fishing rights on the Test river in Hampshire and there are about 200 swans on our stretch.

My all-time favourite is the Lotus; it’s so lightweight, with a modest engine, and yet you still get you the true sports car experience. I’m a big fan of ‘Top Gear’ too; it’s all about the more irrational things that make you buy a car. Andreas Scholl and the Kammerorchester Basel are at the Barbican (020 7638 8891) on Feb 3 Swans.

By Wilbur Smith, African-born novelist I didn’t visit Britain until I was over 30 years old but my parents always referred to it as ‘‘home’’, so I’ve always felt it’s my heartland.

Not the bright fluorescent dazzle of my motherland, but the soft pale mellow beauty of my adopted world.

‘An Honourable Man’ is published by Virago (£11.99) Bridges. It’s the mood on them rather than their architecture.

Even so, having spent my early years in another continent, I always felt slightly foreign, especially in my attitude to the quality of English light.The wealth of music played; the ease with which the presenters convey, or discreetly conceal, their expertise; the discussions, interval talks and occasional drama presentations; all these make Radio 3 a thing to be celebrated and protected. By Antonio Carluccio, Italian chef and writer I know the British like to complain about their weather.When I hear British politicians, of whatever wing, attacking the BBC, as they like to do occasionally, I tremble with equal measures of apprehensiveness and indignation. But when I’ve been holidaying somewhere hot and dry, I find it such a relief to be back because everything’s so green and juicy.They can be quite formal and stiff to start with but once they trust you, they’re incredibly loyal and would do anything for you. By Andreas Scholl, German Counter-tenor I love British cars.A good way to show that you’re one of them is to offer tea at ridiculous times – like when everybody’s drunk at 2am. I think German cars may be better from a technical point of view but they lack the character of English cars.

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