Dating jamaica romance man

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I personally don't see the difference btw the two cultures especially for a Nigerian living outha the shores of Nigeria but the slight difference could be in form of food and some other minor issues and talking about Naija women: Sorry to say this but i think Naija women think they are all dat and as a result lose out to other women from different back ground, Guys no too gbadun long thing!!!

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u'll never regret meetin 'u to date a Nigerian man, you muct be very respectful, know how to cook be very submissive to him.Their accent is very strong and manly and it grabs your attention, even the 'magga' man can capture your attention simply by speaking.On this note, word of caution, do not blind date simply by a phone conversation with a Jamaican because what you hear might not add up to what you may see.I have never dated an African before but would like some advice and help on some stereotypes. That might not be a problem with you, depending on your own culture. And of course, Nigerian women are jealous when they see their men dating women from other tribes, but that's their problem not yours. He seems to be a very nice gentleman but I have no idea about the Nigerian culture, are Nigerians woman jealous if they see a Nigerian man dating another sister, Just some advice, Thanks There are good Nigerian men, and there are bad ones. Some Nigerian men are addicted to this idea of "submission".

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