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Yes, isn’t wholly dedicated to Latino singles, but it’s still the number one choice in our book.Not only can Match put you in front of more Latino men and women than any other dating site (thanks to its 30 million members and 13.5 million visitors a month) — but its success rate is the highest you’ll find in the online dating industry.For Latinas and Latinos, the best way to find that someone is an online dating site that can meet your individual desires.We’ve compiled a list of the top 100% free Latino dating websites, so take a look and see which one will work for you!We are committed to helping you find the perfect match, no matter where in the world they may be.

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Most singles want to find someone who understands them, who’s had similar experiences, or who understands and appreciates their culture and lifestyle.I feel when you mix any nationalities its up to the parents to teach the children to respect and love who and what they are. just becuase one lays with you..doesn't make you one.. hell if I wanted to speak to white trash..i'd be on the boards on yahoo.. a lot of white women try to get with my husband and I never flip out.. LOL LOL LOL LOL you really think a Latino would "pick" you over a Latina?? I would love to talk to you some more and look forward to posting here with you. the first chick..nor any gringa could take nothing from me. I only get insulted that one would think she could have what I have...never your too plain blan dull boring get what i'm saying? ask your husband.or a gringa ask what gringa is better than her?? What im trying to get to here is that i was raised to love all man kind and not be jealous with what others have or had, just to accept the happiness of others as i would expect them to accept my happiness. My husband and I feel the same as you regarding the control issue and latina woman and the jealousy.We are very happy together and have always enjoyed and learned from each others cultural differences. LOL Mari7, Do you always do what man tells you to do?

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