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She is using the name Yalena and is currently writing to me from a different address than the one on [email protected] LOL I asked the agency for a nude photo of her, and she sent this a few hours later. In reality she is a very beautiful Russian PHOTO-MODEL! I am reading a lot on this site about agency AMOUR, which is all true.

All the pictures you know and many more, you can find there...

Your sons maybe consider you the best father over the world!!!

I feel so, because you have wonderful sons, an interesting job, you know what you have from your life, and you are able to make all people near you happy. All these days I was not able to write to you but I have been thinking about you. You have brought sense to my life to everything that I do know. You are such an interesting personality and it is so pleasant to communicate with you!!!

Omar Hayam said "It's better to be alone then next to anybody who ever comes" You are so far a way from me; you have your morning coffee and start deepen into your problems and business,but I'm here and I feel so lonely. I think that the most difficult thing in this life is to begin something. After the second letter I knew already that these letters were only preparations for the final request: MONEY.

Everything has its"start" and " finish" and both start and finish don't come easy. But I continued with amusement and pleasure the correspondence until I indeed got this letter on April 12th: Dear Mr.

It was a great learning experience and success for everyone that took part. The training videos taken during the ‘Guiding as a Business’ Project are available to all members of the association within the ‘Members Only’ area of our website!

A big THANK YOU to everyone involved in the planning and participation of the project! Founded in 2010 and a member of both the World Federation of Tourist Guide Association (WFTGA) and Federation of European Tourist Guide Associations (FEG), The Georgian Association of Guides supports certified professional tourist guides working throughout Georgia.

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