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Carnival krewes put in large orders to ensure that there’s no shortage of cake for each of their floats.

Homesick ex-pats across the country order cakes to help celebrate their city’s most revered tradition away from home.

While the present-day French version, or , is a flaky pastry ring filled with frangipane, the version sold stateside is traditionally made with a sweet, yeasted dough.

At Rouses, 24 flavors of the festive cakes are sold at the 55 stores along the Gulf Coast.

The new brioche cakes are sold in addition to the traditional cakes and feature the same selection of fillings. In the traditional king cake, all you’re seeing is the purple, green and gold — and the filling is on the inside.

After about 40 minutes, when the cakes have roughly doubled in size, they are removed from the boxes and allowed to dry out slightly, around 15 minutes.

Knight says it’s not uncommon for her to routinely get calls from bakery members at 4 a.m.

“It might be that we need to restock babies, or boxes, or that we’ve got an order for 300 cream cheese cakes in,” Knight says.

No Mardi Gras celebration would be complete without a king cake, and no one knows that better than Rouses Bakery Director Michelle Knight.

(Last year alone, the company sold almost 500,000 king cakes during the roughly two-month season.) The day after Christmas, Knight’s team gets to work on the store’s signature sugar-dusted purple, green and gold cakes (the colors represent, respectively, justice, faith and power).

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