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She has lived and worked in Germany, France, Samoa and China, where she was principal of an international Montessori school while raising her three children.She helps individuals and couples to reach their full potential for growth and happiness while navigating complex life transitions and processing traumatic experiences such as (but not limited to) sexual health concerns, desire discrepancies, infidelity, addiction, dating, parenting, aging, contemplating separation, divorce, cultural differences, and abuse. 808 Nicole Beane, LCSW-C is a licensed clinical social worker with over 15 years of clinical experience.Although I see many couples in my work, half of my clients are individuals working privately on relationship related issues, including affair ambivalence, while others are coming for work stress, insomnia, depression & anxiety, including pregnancy related, and other personal matters.My job is to provide you with a supportive ear, compassionate feedback, and to ask thought provoking questions that bring you to peace and resolution or ideas for action.This requires keeping the focus on the original goals, while recognizing the value of flexibility in tailoring the therapy according to evolving needs.Her comprehensive approach to issues includes working to alleviate acute symptoms through practical concrete strategies, such as cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness techniques, while recognizing that many symptoms arise from deeper issues and needs. 803 Hello, I’m Ann Connelly, the Director of Administrative Hospitality at Kentlands Psychotherapy.Recently I have begun working with Riley, our Facility/Therapy dog-in-training.

After beginning her career in Missouri working in a wide range of clinical and community settings with various populations of children and their families, this mother of three has spent the last few years as a High School Social Worker at the prestigious Katherine Thomas School at the Treatment and Learning Center of Rockville.For more information about his role, scroll to the bottom of this page to see his profile. 801 Angela Voegele, LCSW-C Angela Voegele, a graduate of the University of Maryland, is a licensed clinical social worker.More on the origin story of Kentlands Psychotherapy and how Riley (a rescue from Tennessee) and I came to work together can be found here in this Town Courier article about our ten year anniversary. She is the only Certified Gottman Therapist in the Washington DC metropolitan area.Gail prefers to utilize each client’s strengths in order to help them arrive at their own solutions and develop new strategies for challenging situations. Krista Beyer is a clinical psychologist with nearly ten years working at Kentlands Psychotherapy.Gail strives to build a good relationship with the families based on respect, collaboration, and compassion as she believes the trust that grows within these relationships is paramount to beneficial therapy. She offers services in individual and couples therapy, and works with adults and adolescents.

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