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The largest share of imports comes in from China and the US, followed by Germany Russia and Ukraine.The recent Egyptian revolution has taken a toll on the Egyptian economy, but has given birth to new opportunities in its online market as well.First Twitter was blocked, followed by Facebook and then by January 27, the Egyptian government ordered all service providers to shut down all international connections to the Internet, causing a minimum cost of million.Language Egyptians speak the Arabic language, and mostly using the Egyptian Dialect.

This combination makes this country an excellent gateway to the rest of the region.Over 22.4% of internet users in Egypt use e-commerce services, which amount to at least 3 million people.Those range from buying products and services to paying bills online.The following is a list of the top 10 regional websites in the Middle East most visited by Egyptian residents—sites that are specifically geared towards the region and Arabic speakers in general: Despite some challenges, like the limited number of banks that allow users to buy products online using credit cards, Egypt remains a very attractive market for e-commerce companies.The cost of doing business is low and Egyptians simply love to buy things online.

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