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In the visual, Braxton takes center stage to perform the silky R&B tune, while her handsome co-star serves up a heavy load of eye-candy in the background.“There’s this guy in the video who is super sexy,” Braxton recently told The Insider.“When they entered into the negotiations, she was single, but she’s been keen to keep her relationship with Giovanni low key in case it affected her chances of landing the show.“Now it’s out, everyone’s worried it will affect the show.'Who gets a giant tattoo right before you leave on a mini vacation?!' she asked while sharing a picture of her leg propped up on a pillow.

'Not pictured was my drunk Aussie husband climbing the rock walls in our room last night, naked, after I dared him too.

She and Nick enjoyed a slice of cake with a candle in it, presumably in honor of their anniversary.

In another photo, Tess can be seen enjoying a martini while wearing a leather jacket featuring a bright yellow fur trim.

At the start of the week added another tattoo to her growing collection of body art, and the latest addition features a curvy woman that looks just like her.

On Sunday, Tess showed off her large tattoo of a red-headed woman wearing a bikini top and matching sarong, which she got inked on her shin just a few days before their trip.

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