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They need to be open to get “Frische Luft” (fresh air).

But they need to be closed because “es Zieht” (there’s a draft).

No, I won’t work in the retail store until 9PM on Christmas Eve… extended negotiations were required if we wanted to watch the Charlie Brown Christmas Special in color. You will, however, hear him on my parent’s record player…

no, I won’t go shopping with you after dinner on Christmas Eve. Presents have long been purchased, wrapped and tucked under the tree. Ironically, I still feel like a visitor when I sit in that room…Heino, whose baritone voice made the Schlager Musik Superstar one of the most successful German Musicians EVER. He and Freddy Quinn were front and center when it was time for my parents to party. and the eggs came in Eierbecher ( special egg cups.)Soft, squishy Wonder Bread was never a sandwich option. Holding your fork in your left hand, and the knife in the right…

the horror.)Bed time stories for German kids are Grimm’s Fairy Tales without the Disney white wash (the Wolf ATE Little Red Riding Hood! Visiting my Oma and Opa meant a 10 hour plane trip on a Charter Airline like Condor. To me, Nazis were the bad guys in movies, (or the stupid ones in Hogan’s Heros) I had no idea why I was given that label. Thanks to Hollywood, most kids in my German school had the same problem. To this day I always grab a jacket as I’m walking out the door…. and whenever we went visiting, my father would cut a bouquet, and mom would wrap it up in pretty tissue, to give to the hostess. I just don’t have my father’s green thumb, so I have to buy them. Or we would fill our suitcases (to overflowing) with loads of Milka, Toblerone, Lindt, Merci, and other treats that were impossible to find in the US.

By the way, “es Zieht” is a major health issue…could catch a cold.

But if the air is “Muffig” (stuffy) there are other diseases to be caught. There is a running joke in my family that I can take over a small country with the contents of my purse. I am ready to cut fruit, open a beer bottle, sew on a button, read a novel, play a game, take notes on an important meeting, have a snack, clean hands and faces, and pay cash for what I need…

The festivals listed below are some of the most interesting Swiss celebrations that take place throughout the year.

But - wherever you stay or pass through, check in with the local tourist office to see what's going on.

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