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However, Crowder is unwilling to trade hygiene or looks for the other.When it comes to overall attractiveness, looking on the inside is just as important as looking for someone who appeals to you physically.Feel fit and healthy and keep your bank account looking in great shape too with fantastic deals on gym membership and nutrition and vitamins, as well as weight loss products, which will earn you cashback and voucher code savings., because the other two parts of your love triangle will be sweating it out together in spin class.“First of all, she gotta have cute eyes,” Crowder said.

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Kristy is excited to work her first year in Student Media and anticipates all there is to come!“When you take off your makeup, you won’t be who I thought you was [sic],” Crowder said. If you look like a clown, that’s not cool,” Carter said.He prefers all-natural, bare-faced girls over a full face of makeup. A little eyeliner here and lipstick there does not bother him, but he also prefers girls not to have a full face of makeup.Many of us have similar ideas of what makes a person attractive and appealing, but there are also differences when we specify our ideal types.Your friend may like a social-butterfly gym freak who often gets around, and you might recoil from someone like that.

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