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It was 11 o’clock on a Monday night, and they were getting anxious. The band play-acts through a few numbers, after “Cha Cha Twist” about a third of the room leaves. The Cobras are more concerned with their electronic cigarettes to even notice the mass exodus out of the doors.By their seventh tune, there are about fifty of us left. If you want to call it what it really was, expensive karaoke.

It would have been funny if you said you'd ended up just doing the same thing your dad and your older brother did. I always thought if had enough money, it would give me the necessary free time to do what I really wanted, In essence, I had sacrifice time for a false future. It made me sick just to talk to these people at work and to watch real men kiss average white chick ass, just to stay out of trouble. Though it was nice at first, but you have to ask yourself, why are you only dating strippers?My friends thought that I was crazy years ago; now they realize that they can no longer get back those years of their lives.I simply listened to that voice inside (call it intuition, grace, whatever you will) that had prompted me through the serious shit storms as well as those fantastic heights in the past.I decided to go back to following my dreams and that began by getting another sailboat, loading up my surfboards and saying ¨hasta la vista¨ to the regular world.I started the first three years of this adventure with my first full circumnavigation of the Earth by sailboat.

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