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This is less method than psychology, and it is a fact that a person’s position in society can impact their attractiveness.In fact, most of Strauss’ method which has been made public appears to skirt the line between a basic understanding of social psychology (“celebrities have routines to attract and deflect women akin to those found in the seduction community” – no kidding) and a New Age emphasis on basic hypnosis and the power of language.In other words, Strauss has demonstrated that seduction and excitement are both walks he can walk.If you know him as Style or Chris Prowles, then you may be familiar with his seduction and business style – the guy keeps to himself, releasing his thoughts on seduction to ultra small numbers of men, usually other members of the seduction community.Occasionally these fights have gotten personal, taking away what little credibility this community had in the eyes of many.

This emphasis placed on releasing information to a small amount of consumers is a unique idea in the world in which Neil Strauss operates.The “villains” of Strauss’ works are usually men from the seduction community known as “Tyler Durden” (the nemesis of Ross Jeffries and other pickup artist bigwigs) and “Papa”.These two, known for their own seduction method known as, have clashed publicly and privately with Jeffries and Strauss over issues related to seduction.His “Annihilation Method” is notoriously secretive, with forums and discussion groups about AM (as it is known) closed for public perusal for the most part.Neil Strauss encourages men to “get out and participate” as a first step – this does seem to be more sensible than the baptism by fire methods of his counterparts.

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