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The Olympics opening ceremony features the artistic expression of children painting (symbolic of the Confucian tradition).Confucian revivalism comes from the top (eg Li Ruihuan and Jiang Zemin).Harms' views are informed by Dr Gao Jia (Melbourne University) who hoped that the Beijing Olympics would mare a turning point for China from the trauma of the Opium Wars.Gao sensed the revival of Confucianism (' He') in the 1990s.Here is a great opportunity for you to ask any debt relief or credit related question and receive input from an experienced expert! Submit your question and CRN will help you with detailed and useful feedback.Ask a question about settling credit card and other types of debt with your bank, a debt collector, or a debt collection attorney. Our commitment to you: By submitting your questions to Ask CRN, you will receive balanced and direct answers.Take a Closer Look at China We Have to Understand China's 'New World' Ambitions Will Donald Trump Unofficially Accept China as the 'Middle Kingdom'?

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There has been speculation about its future potential to act as a major driver of the global economy, and whether its methods will provide the model that others will now seek to emulate.

President Hu Jiantoa has sanctioned the return to Confucianism.

Zhang Yimou, ceremonial master of One World One Dream would have required Hu's approval.

Beijing was found to be efficient - but to lack unfettered internet access, freedom of speech, concessions to human rights.

The media concluded that China was hopelessly oppressive.

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