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The centre of interest of the town was the site of Al-Ibrahimi Mosque/The tomb of the Patriarchs whose buildings are in a compound built in the 1st century AD to protect the tombs of the patriarch Abraham/Ibrahim and his family.

This place became a site of pilgrimage for the three monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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The most exceptional testimony of the fusion of various stylistic influences is a new architectural movement, the Amoy Deco Style, which is a synthesis of the Modernist style of the early 20th century and Art Deco.The property encompasses the area of the city that resulted from various phases of planning between 18, as well as the indigenous unplanned neighbourhoods of Arbate Asmera and Abbashawel.It is an exceptional example of early modernist urbanism at the beginning of the 20th century and its application in an African context.Turkey Criteria: (ii)(iii)(iv)(vi) Located in southwestern Turkey, in the upper valley of the Morsynus River, the site consists of two components: the archaeological site of Aphrodisias and the marble quarries northeast of the city.The temple of Aphrodite dates from the 3rd century BC and the city was built one century later.

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