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Activity delegates are supported in the rehosted designer. NET Framework 4, workflow validation errors weren’t counted as build errors during the build of a workflow project.This meant that building a workflow project could succeed even when there were workflow validation errors. NET Framework 4.5, workflow validation errors cause the build to fail. NET Framework 4, workflows were validated as a foreground process, which could potentially hang the UI during complex or time-consuming validation processes.The middle mouse button or space bar can also be used to pan the workflow designer.Multiple activities can be selected at one time, either by dragging a rectangle around them (when pan mode is not enabled), or by holding down Ctrl and click on the desired activities one by one.The outline view is displayed in the Document Outline view.

Activities can also be dragged onto connections between flowchart nodes and states to auto-insert the node between two other nodes. NET Framework 4.5 introduced many new features, including several enhancements to the workflow designer experience.This topic details which of these features are supported in the rehosted designer, and which ones are currently not supported.In a rehosted designer, some of the standard UI controls may not have meaning for a given workflow, and may be turned off. NET Framework 4, this customization is only supported by the shell bar at the bottom of the designer. NET Framework 4.5, the visibility of shell header items at the top of the designer can be adjusted by setting Workflow Shell Header Items Visibility with the appropriate Shell Header Items Visibility value. NET Framework 4, connections between nodes in a Flowchart workflow had to be added manually. NET Framework 4.5, Flowchart and State Machine nodes have auto-connect points that become visible when an activity is dragged from the toolbox onto the designer surface.Dropping an activity on one of these points automatically adds the activity along with the necessary connection.

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