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The kit also includes a few other tools that you will also find useful.

Mat sliding around: The Cameo is pre-set at the factory for the 12-inch cutting mat.

i initially bought it so i could make rhinestone names on shirts but now, I cant even get it to cut through vinyl, let alone something else.

Help” My response: Hi, I just read the comment you left on my blog, Globug Ideas, and I can really feel your frustration. Cutting mat too sticky: After a few uses, it loses a lot of its stickiness and you may even find it’s not sticky enough…but there’s a solution for that, too.

For example, sometimes I just want to cut out one bird image or a name.

I bought it for some big projects coming up and the mat is slipping everywhere.

Installation of the Cumulative Update is similar to the installation of a Service Pack.

Cumulative Updates are not fully regression tested.* Since January 27, 2016: Microsoft recommends ongoing, proactive installation of SQL Server CUs as they become available.

For vinyl, the blade should be set at 1, speed at 9, thickness at 8. Silhouette American doesn’t do a good job of explaining all the little ins and outs of using the Cameo, and hundreds of my readers have had this experience. So, the good news is that all of your problems can be fixed.

For regular 80-pound cardstock, such as Stampin’ Up Whisper White, the blade should be set at 3, speed at 3, thickness at 33. When the blade is set higher than needed, the tip of the blade chips. The bad news is that you will have to get a new blade. I spoke with them on several occasions and they sent me a new mat and a new blade.

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