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Why are millions given to city projects, while the county they serve gets the leftovers? 6: Let me get this straight: CPS Energy is spending million more than it is costing to build the brand-new state-of-the-art Frost Tower on renovating old buildings? Weston is spending less on a Ferrari while CPS spends more updating a Gremlin. Oh, and fire the head of CPS; she doesn’t seem to have a clue.—Shannon Deason less What an absurd amount of time is being spent to learn if Russian propaganda influenced the outcome of the presidential election! All those hours could be spent on real problems facing our country.

Julián Castro could not carry Trump’s lunch.—Richard E.

Finally, the long nightmare of giving the city of San Antonio millions of our county tax dollars for idiocies like the San Pedro Creek project so people who can afford to live downtown have a nice place to walk is over. They are using top contractors, it’s a brand-new building, and it’s cheaper than this CPS renovation. A total of 0 million for cheaply renovated, ugly old buildings? Where is the mayor and City Council to halt this lunacy?

Nelson and Paul just love to spread that enormous pile of money they sit on. Maybe they can hang out at the old Alameda Theater, which represents millions more of our county tax dollars given away.—Jack Hardy, Adkins less Re: “CPS Energy’s new HQ could come in at 0 million,” Business, Nov. CPS should tear down these horrid, dilapidated structures and construct a new building. Unlike CPS, they seem to know what the heck they’re doing.

George Cooper, Boerne less It amazes me when irresponsible parents, many years ago, illegally bring their children to the U. More benefits, citizenship, special treatment, etc. Who brought them here illegally in the first place? Now I think it’s called social justice or another “lofty” term meant to deflect responsibility.—David Saenz less It would be nice if Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the City Council paid as much attention to the real problems here as they do to climate change.

Exactly, and, therefore, those same parents need to figure it out. You know, things like crime, potholes, missing street signs, and attracting new business and jobs. Not climate change, which the average person is not really worried about.

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