Do elena and damon dating in real life

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For spoilers on Comps, Alliances and House Stats visit us at For Saturday, August 5th go to AM BBT Josh, Elena and Paul are in the HOH room talking and lounging.Josh says he wants to understand what the issue is when it comes to Cody.

AM BBT In the kitchen, Paul asks if he wants to do a 5 minute friendship chat. The kitchen crew seems to be very hyper and joking around. Feeds keep cutting on and off as the houseguest seem to be talking about production.

Paul says you can’t take it personal because it is just a game.

Paul says his game strategy could have been he wants to tough guy everyone. Elena says one of her bosses changed her perspective.

They continue to talk about their personalities as Paul lays his head in Elena’s lap on one of the couches and Josh lies in the bed.

In the green room, lights are out with Alex, Jason, Kevin and Mark. Back in HOH, Josh, Elena and Paul are still having casual talk. She said if she was younger she was way more aggressive/reactive. Josh says being in the BB house he misses a lot of things.

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