Eigrp routes not updating

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Please, take a look at them and offer your thought. Ps1: I would say that you are testing EIGRP on 15.2 free, as the project is most likely covers the latest version.PS2: If you repeat the test with 15.2 version, please attach file OCAP and your questions.Hi people, I have problems understanding the process of EIGRP update.A word containing document to a Wireshark capture screenshots, is attached.I have adjusted the bandwidth of the links shown by using the “bandwidth” command on all routers. The link from R0 to its three next-hop routers are all at T1 speed, 1.544 Mbit/s.However, the links from each of those routers to R4 each have varying bandwidth settings configured with the “bandwidth” command in order to impact metric calculations.

The feasible successor can be used instantly, which means convergence time is instantaneous.

Each router discovers its neighbors on each interface, list kept in neighbors table.2.

Each router uses a reliable protocol to exchange topology information in its topology database.3.

Since EIGRP uses bandwidth as a factor to influence metric, the link between R1 and R4 will be given the lowest metric, and therefore will be preferred.

Observe the following output on R0: R0#show ip eigrp topology IP-EIGRP Topology Table for AS 121 (some output has been omitted) P, 1 successors, FD is 2684416 via (2684416/2172416), Serial0/2 via (3159808/2647808), Serial0/1 The Feasible Distance (FD) of the route from R0 to R1, which is a representation of the route’s metric, is 2684416.

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