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Senior Research Fellow English/Creative Writing & Aust Studies Danielle is the author of several literary non-fiction books.She studied psychology and politics at Adelaide University, before completing a doctorate in zoology at Oxford.So when Philips approached us to road test their Air Fryer XL, I couldn’t resist.

Well let’s just set the record straight here, JUST as perfect as the deep fryer but only 6 minutes and NO OIL NEEDED!As the founder of the Mum Central Network she’s committed to celebrating the journey that is Australian parenthood.When she’s not tap, tap, tapping at the keyboard Belinda can be found happily wrangling two small boys and loving on her superstar husband.I couldn’t wait to unpack this baby and put her through her paces. 3 minutes in the jury was still out but I could see the crispness starting to form. They were cooked JUST as well as if I’d thrown them in the oil!A quick reference to the cooking guide and I was off. Following on from that, I popped some Potato Gems in another day to see how they cooked up.

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