Emerge 2 config files etc need updating

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Some larger enterprises had to develop their own custom scripts to roll out data center network configurations.

Virtually no industry-standard provisioning tools existed. In contrast to data center network devices, in the data center number in the thousands and tend to have similar configurations.

Alternatively, the cost of a is cheap (or nearly free when using virtualization), so rigorous testing of a release before deploying it is not encumbered by budgeting concerns.

Most sysadmins extensively test new releases in the complete application environment.

Because Cumulus Linux is both Linux Linux, Cumulus Networks recommends that even with small networks or test labs, network admins should make the jump to deploy, provision, configure, and upgrade switches using automation from the very beginning.

On bootup, the executable code looks into a different file system and retrieves the configuration file or files, parses the text and uses that data to configure the software options for each software subsystem.

As a result, it is difficult to do comprehensive topology-based testing of a release before deploying it.

Thus, many network admins cannot or will not do comprehensive system testing of a new release before deploying it.

The biggest gain is realized during the upgrade process, where the network admin can quickly upgrade dozens of devices in a repeatable manner.

Switches, like servers, should be treated like networks to manage their switches.

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