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For example, if your birthday is November 15th, 1946, you can create a PIN derived from your birthday.You might use 1115 (for the eleventh month and fifteenth day). The disadvantage of this method is that somebody who knows you may be able to guess your PIN with their knowledge of your personal life.Unlike a typical password on your bank account, a PIN is PINs are most commonly used for financial transactions and (historically) student loans, but they can be used for anything from unlocking a door to unlocking a phone.PINs are sometimes called “pin numbers,” which is redundant because the word "number" is already included in “PIN.”ATM PINs: When you get cash from an ATM using a debit or credit card, you need to enter a PIN to prove that you're authorized to make the withdrawal.If you use a word for your PIN, it will be easier to remember.For example, the word "word" converts to the PIN 9673 (the W is on the 9, the O is on the 6, and so on).Below, we’ve described several ways to create good PINs and make them easy to use.One way to create and remember a PIN is to create it from a word.

For example, you might need a PIN to: In the past, PINs were an important part of your application for federal student loans.This creates a challenging situation: Strong security measures are harder to use.As a result, you may be tempted to take shortcuts (like re-using the same PIN or using numbers from your birthday).Think of the numbers and letters on your telephone keypad.Have you ever used the "dial-by-name" option to find somebody in a company's phone directory?

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