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I'll save details of the party for a separate post.Anyway, we're currently heading for a beach getaway in Kuantan.

The Shah dynasty established the Kingdom of Nepal and later formed an alliance with the British Empire, under its Rana dynasty of premiers.

This is actually our annual holiday with a couple of close neighbours. Currently on the list is Patin Masak Tempoyak in Temerloh, Ana Ikan Bakar Petai in Tanjong Lumpur, sata and celup tepung at Gerai Mokna, Cendol Air Putih and of course, the night bazaar at Teluk Cempedak!

Hopefully I can still fit into my pants come Tuesday (back to work again)!

My new role keeps me on my toes most of the time, and of course - so much to learn, so little time.

And the only reason why I am able to write this, is because I'm stuck in a car on the way to a getaway with the family. Other than work, Ian's 4th birthday party kept me equally busy last week. He kept saying thank you for every little thing that I was baking at home. We toyed around with the idea of cancelling his birthday party, especially since we had made the trip to Legoland back in November.

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