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Cmdlets executed on Exchange Server 2007: Get-Public Folder -Recurse -Result Size Unlimited | Export-Cli XML D:\Scripts\Legacy_-Encoding UTF8 -Force Get-Public Folder Statistics | Export-Cli XML D:\Scripts\Legacy_Get-Public Folder -Recurse -Result Size Unlimited | Get-Public Folder Client Permission | Select-Object Identity, User -Expand Property Access Rights | Export-Cli XML D:\Scripts\Legacy_Verify that the Exchange organization has not seen another public folder migration.

Public folder migrations are controlled at the Exchange organization level.

As a result, Exchange 2007 replication messages were accepted but not properly processed.

To make a long story short: the Exchange 2010 episode was rolled back and a new virtualized Exchange Server 2007 environment was built just for the purpose of hosting public folders.

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This approach reduces the public folder size to approx. This is where the modern public folder migration kicked in.Cmdlets executed on Exchange Server 2013: Get-Organization Config | fl Publicfolderslockedfor Migration, Public Folder Migration Complete Public Folders Locked For Migration : False Public Folder Migration Complete : False Export the legacy public folder statistics.This file is used for mapping the legacy public folders to modern public folder mailboxes.One of the strategic goals after the Exchange Server 2010 disaster was "get rid of public folders." Public folder content that had been built up for more than 15 years within the company cannot just be deleted (keyword: compliance).Therefore, we had started to identify and isolate data per department or per user.

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