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You won’t be able to receive mail from a current mailbox. You may want to contact your mailbox provider or system administrator about this issue.If you choose Install anyway and upgrade to Outlook 2016 for Windows, then when you try to connect to a primary, shared, or delegate mailbox or folder, you get the following error message: The resource that you are trying to use is located on an unsupported version of Microsoft Exchange. Then, when you open Outlook, you get another error message telling you Outlook can't open your data files.The Outlook client is usually responsible for generating Free/Busy information.Outlook will read the calendar and generate Free/Busy every 15 minutes by default if the information has been changed.Users' availability information is stored in Exchange in a hidden system public folder.This information is used by Outlook and OWA to tell other users if they are free or busy (hence, the term Free/Busy information).Free/Busy message placement is based on the user's legacy Exchange DN attribute in AD.For example, if my legacy Exchange DN is /o=Company ABC/ou=Paris/cn=Recipients/cn=jsguillet", my Free Busy information will be stored in the "USER-/CN=RECIPIENTS/CN=jsguillet" message in the "/EX:/o=Company ABC/ou=Paris" folder.

When a change is made to the calendar, a Free/Busy message is submitted to the System Attendant mailbox on the mailbox server for the user.You are unable to view the contents of the message, but you can delete it.Doing so will remove all Free Busy information from Exchange until it is republished using one of the methods explained above.If so, and after the Exchange upgrade, you can reinstall Outlook 2016 for Windows.Tip: If you have multiple Outlook email accounts, and one of the accounts (that isn't your primary account) is connected to an older Exchange server, you may want to remove it from Outlook to avoid these errors and use it with another email program, such as Windows Mail.

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