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After Tom shows Richard a picture of the “veiled demon,” so-called because of the veil that conceals its face, Bruce Davidson has to say, “I’ve seen this face before.” He then says the Aramaic name of the demon before intoning that the translation of said Aramaic name is “veiled demon.” When Tom asks Daniel (James Adam Lim), who “occasionally” works “for the government, doing stuff” he can’t talk about, how long his “logarithm” will take to crack the coded Aramaic script found in a “journal” from the basement of the haunted house, Daniel erupts on Luddite Tom like somebody who knows that a logarithm isn’t the same thing as an algorithm and therefore would have a leg to stand on while bullying a non-nerd for asking stupid questions. It’s like every actor in this film independently decided that his or her actor’s secret was “sociopath.” On a different note, I know exactly how long the algorithm I designed to analyze the work put into this script will take.

I really know just about as much as you do.” She proceeds to give Tom more information that he didn’t know. I didn’t know my uncle”—she interrupts, “Okay, you’re breaking my heart.” But then she’s like, “Also, here’s this giant envelope with your name on it,” giving Tom even more information.

Later, upstairs, Jane says the word “bloodline,” and Tom rushes her downstairs to show her the altar because she’s triggered the idea that he should use the old rusty knife on the altar to cut his hand to open the secret door. Then he slowly picks up the knife and slowly moves it towards his hand and suddenly she’s like, “Bloodline.” And then he and she look at one another, and then he cuts his finger, and then the camera holds on his bloody finger for what seems like a whole minute, and…why do each of them need to have the same revelation 26 times in this scene?

Why do they both react so incredulously when Tom finally opens the secret passage they were both just talking about?

Tom is a rube who wants to find out what has happened to him; Jane believes her brother died in the house; Richard is an old drunk who also studies demonology.

Beyond these basic sketches, what these characters want is not the point, because the point is just that there’s a sub-basement in this house filled with living mannequins and a demon and maybe Briar Rose.

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