Evaluation of self consolidating concrete for bridge structure applications

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The FHWA finds that it is most cost effective to use the information and lessons from a workshop right away.

For example, the Nevada DOT requested a workshop on SCC for an awarded project, which specified SCC for drilled shafts.

The formed surfaces of SCC take on the textures of the formwork with little or no defects to repair.

Cast-in-place SCC was used in the construction of the inclined pylons of a cable-supported pedestrian bridge in Virginia.

Because of the congestion caused by the heavy reinforcement and the cable anchorages, it would have been very difficult to obtain quality concrete in the inclined pylons with conventional concrete.

For more information on the SCC workshop program, contact Antonio. The main objectives of the IBRD program are to promote, demonstrate, evaluate, and document the application of innovative designs, materials, and construction methods in the construction, repair, and rehabilitation of bridges and other highway structures.

Under the IBRC and IBRD programs, over 20 SCC projects have been awarded and constructed.

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