Filipina dating naughty

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Interest: Singing, dancing, drawing and cooking Hobbies : singing and cooking Likes & dislikes: I like loving person, respectful, caring, tender, responsible, simple, humble and family oriented. 14,1989 Zodiac sign: Scorpio Sex: Bi/Gay Nationality: Filipino Status: Single Looking for: a Man or Women Hi to all I'm looking for man or women for my lifetime partner preferably foreigner and who can accept me who i am.. Suddenly the last 3 weeks he is not ok to always irritated and angry..I never had experience a relationship between man and woman since birth,, I hope I can find here for serious relationship... I am upset for his reaction..i don't know why.2 weeks he said to me he is not coming home anymore and he want to give me up.never talk to me for 1 week..i beg of him to talk to me because the kids are affected..Looking : Woman I am looking for a sweet, caring and honest woman. E-mail address : andy_iglesias2001 I am searching for a man that is God fearing. About me: I am simple person, loving, kind hearted , generous, strict, patient and loyal. jasonjhaz_arao1989 Name: Marivic Jundarino Koppejan Nickname: Mariez Age: 49 DOB: August 20,1968 Place of Birth: Tacloban City, Leyte Educational Attainment: College Graduate Course: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Gender: Female Looking for a friend Hi... I have a good relationship for 7 years everything goes well with us..He must be family oriented, loving, respectful and with good moral values. I am not arrogant type of person, judgmental and stupid person. He was suppose to come home this nov 10,everything is planned .already book a flight ticket also hotel for us and the kids.. Message: I'm Bing, I have two kids, I love music, reading, cooking and dancing. I am 4 feet 11 inches tall I live in manila area was born in Iloilo my eyes are brown my hair is auburn my weight is 43 kilos I am looking for a serious man from Europe or USA .. Email: henry_22ph Looking for a Men as Date and Partner. Name: Emelyn Date of Birth: March 25, 1986 Birthsign: Aries I am 29year old Filipino unmarried looking for love and marriage .He is talking to my kids on fb.for me and him no more..i feel the love for me is gone...I feel something he found another woman in complaining about our Long Distance Relationship... I am single never been married and no kid's im a bit shy at first but when you get to know me i can make you laugh for the rest of our lives.

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I found this conveinent chart that shows how filipinas stack up against other women.

(buying a car, house, owning something thaht they believe puts them in a higher social class I have not read the other posts, so Im sure I am leaving a lot out.

I wanted to put in my input off the top of my head without tainting it with others views...

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