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The court believes that in your case, the time spent in prison could be used more productively.s jaw drops in disbelief. This is what the crowd is the courthouse was waiting for. 2 men hold her arms while the other pulls down her skirt and panties in one quick motion.

They all knew it was coming, but the verdict hits Yvette like a sucker punch. Since it is a beautifully warm spring day, since there is no forecast of rain or frost tonight, since it is only 10AM, I hereby order the sentence be carried out today, starting at 1PM. Bailiff, strip the adulteress, place her in irons and chain her in the hallway outside my courtroom until the Jailer can come fetch her. Her clothes are deposited into a clear plastic trash bag being held open by the Bailiff.

An elderly woman points at the naked girl and says to the younger woman with her, See, see what happens when you behave like a slut.

You will end up like her, and you never will get a husband.

They turn and stare at the nude girl for a moment and then most of them politely look away.

The court will not look favorable on you and could charge you with half a dozen other violations of the procreation codes, should testimony surface in your trial.What am I supposed to do, let him slice open my neck so I have a wound to show the medical examiner as evidence ? As you know, the women on this planet with well-shaped, symmetrical breasts, such as yours, are capable of becoming pregnant and bearing children.Then he ordered me to strip, which I do, thinking that my husband would be home soon to save me.t counted on that. Councilor, that bastard fucked me for 30 or 40 minutes, in every position imaginable. When he shoved it in, it felt like a telephone pole, and every time he pulled it out, I felt like I was giving birth ! Women with poorly developed, lopsided or lumpy breasts are not. But according to the medical examiner, you are not pregnant.More pictures are taken as he does the same to the other breast. No surgical implants, no injections sites, no silicone, and very soft, I might add.Just as I suspected; a fertile, married young woman at her breeding prime. Chain her to the floor in the hallway and Bailiff send for the Jailer.s public hallway.

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