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If you cannot find the right size for your lizard, you can order them through the mail from one of the many companies that breed and supply these food items..Gut-loaded freshly molted crickets and mealworms, every other day - usually 2-3 appropriately sized food items per feeding is fine.If any food is left in the tank, food for the prey MUST be provided.Gut-load 24-48 hours on tropical fish flakes, high protein dry baby cereal, reptile vitamins and fruit.

They are not true chameleons, species of lizards who look very different than anoles and come from different parts of the world.In captivity, avoid 'sowbugs' (aka potato bugs, pill bugs) and beetles.Even though anoles will go for bigger prey, the size fed to them should be no bigger than 1/2 the size of the anoles head.It is the sight and sound of dripping, splashing water which attracts their attention.The anole's captive diet should be as close to their wild diet as possible.

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