Foamy dating

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Office Visit – Lord Bravery struggles with bureaucracy when he learns that his name is already in use by a bakery.

An Ode to Leonard Nimoy – Fanboy shares his prose in obtaining a celebrity autograph.

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Foamy's eternal wisdom spews forth Dating Advice for the masses. I really don't do any self-promotion so I kinda rely on peeps spreading the word!

And watch out for guys that call you by pet names more than they do your own name, and if they refer to you as 'my girl' you drop that fucker like a rock. Don't worry, there are women you should be looking out for too.

Alright, like any women that dresses around like a damn slut, you don't want to be affiliated with.

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The Sewer Rescue – Lord Bravery answers a call for help from a rather unpleasant location.

If you can see more cleavage than a plumber's ass, don't get involves.

It's just going to cause problems when you decide to become possessive and dominearing over their life.

And Fanboy Is His Name – Fanboy desires to become Freakazoid's new sidekick... Lawn Gnomes: Chapter IV - Fun in the Sun – The origins of the prankish Lawn Gnomes are told.

Frenching with Freakazoid – Freakazoid teaches how to say the words in French: "Qui a coupé le fromage? ) Foamy the Freakadog – In an installment of The Sidekick Chronicles, Freakazoid remembers his rabid canine sidekick Foamy.

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