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Most of Aria's story line revolves on her love life. In season 5B, she deals with the fact that Alison is 'A', but later in 5B it's revealed that she isn't.In season 6, she deals with her time in the dollhouse and Charlotte.However, shortly after the appearance of "A", Alison's body is found buried in the backyard of the former Di Laurentis house, hidden under the gazebo (which had been under construction at the time of her disappearance).

Be sure to also check out the character appearances!Emily Fields (Shay Mitchell) the "jock girl" of the group. After Paige moves to California (due to Mona's death), she starts dating a new girl called Talia, whom she later breaks up with because she's married to a man.Emily was closest to Alison before her disappearance and was also in love with her. After being rescued from A's dollhouse, she begins bonding with another victim of 'A': Sara Harvey , who was kept down there for 2 years.In season 5, Alison comes back home, but isn't welcomed very much by her school. In the mid-season finale of season 5, Mona is brutally murdered, and Alison is framed for it.They girls believe that she's 'A', and she's arrested.

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