Forward dating scripts

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For these patients it will be your responsibility to properly record the circumstances for each partial fill (LTCF or terminally ill) on the back of each prescription or other appropriate record and must include: If you would like investigate further or see if your state has amended any of the federal regulations, I encourage you to click on the links below.Also, if you have any questions that we didn’t answer, ask us in the comments.

Schedule II or CII drugs are defined as drugs that are likely to be abused.

The intermediary is the system that receives the doctor’s prescription and transmits it to the appropriate pharmacy.

For most community retail pharmacies, Surescripts is the intermediary that is responsible for transmitting the prescription securely.

Then, receive each into your software system with a note reminding you and your staff not to fill until the specified date.

If there is a future date on a prescription, under no circumstances should you ever fill before that date.

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