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Eventually, Sabrina confronts him about his attitudes (although in a rather gentle teasing manner), and Fox, stressed and repentant, blurts out an apology.Delighted, she graciously accepts, strokes his cheek in playful forgiveness, and turns to help him in his dilemma.He likes to spend time reading books and is warm-hearted and calm most of times, but gets easily angry at Bino whenever he bothers King.He is a council member of the Good Ol' Dogs Club and friend with all the other members, especially Bino and Fido, his 'Dad,' Bill Lindberg, being a cop he is friends with the K-9 Unit too (and later became an official member), he is also Bailey's relative and King's best friend; and after the failure of Bino's plan to recover Sasha following their break-up, Fox started to develop feelings for the latter, but didn't confess them when Sasha started to date Kevin.

Interestingly though, Fox originally wore a yellow collar without the bandana.

Fox's most defining trait is his unwavering loyalty to his friends.

Originally head-strong as a puppy, fancying himself a ninja-model hero, he mellowed as he got older and became a member of Bino's posse.

While originally a minor background character, Fox began to stand out on his own after he met King, a new dog with whom he instantly became friends with, unbeknownst to him that he was one of the men who had kidnapped him.

Fox eventually figured this out, and after letting out all of his hatred on him, he forgave him.

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