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/ Uses easy-to-install, industry standard, SIMM memory modules. THE MAGIC BEHIND GVP'S SERIES II A500-HD8 HARD DRIVE MUSCLE Check out these unequalled features: y Choice of factory- installed SO, 120 or 240MB Quantum SCSI hard drives.

No more bent pins or incorrectly inserted DRAM chips! Provides storage space of 56, 130 or 260 floppy disks!

Now an ail-new sol (ware upgrade has Amiga video buffs Dipping their crou- tons in sheer digital delight. " We want to help you push it 'Imtexvr A miga model you use to incorporate new-found flower to achieve any task you desire.

ARTICLES AW Feature Review: Video TOASTER 2.0 By Lou Wallace 44 New Tek's Video blaster was a revolution- ary breakthrough in desktop-video tech- nology. As our cover (inset, above) may suggest to imagi- native sri-ft types, this month's theme could be dubbed "Close Encounters of the Hardware Kind.

Populous II (Bullfrog/ Electronic Arts) 84 The sequel, "Trials of the Olympic Gods," may be even better than the original!

Ancillary Products Lynn Lagasse, Video Products Manager Chris Conroy, Technical Director, Video Products Tim WALSH, Ancillary Products Manager LINDA RUTH, Single Copy Sales Director WILLIAM M. So installation is a snap and there's no need to open and dismantle your A500™ and run the risk of VOIDING YOUR Computer's WARRANTY. • Complete Hercules™, CGA, EGA/VGA |monochrome| and T3100 video emulations. Anchorage (907] 278-2378 Alabama: Alabama Cumpulctt, Huntsville (jl)S] U7-9324 California: Century Gvrnpiit.-r Si stems La Habra (1101 657-4977; Compute! San Francisco (415) 5M-1553; Craiire Computers, La»ndalc (310) 542-7192: Creative Computers. Watsonville (408) 724- 3322; HT Electronics, Sunns-vale (40S) 737-090(1; KJ Computers, Granada Hills (SIB) 366-9120: Transnational Elccittmics. Berkeley (4 1 5) 845- 48H Flotidai taming Computers, Tampa (B 1 3) 977 65 1 I ; Commodore Cnmttrv. Pembroke Pines (305) 435-1 1 18: Cnmpurcrs Plus, Jacksonville (904) 268-2359: Computers Plus. Ness- Votk (212) 727- 3290; Mkrowrics, Bol Ealo (716) 873- 185d North Carolioa: SKV Dinkim (919) 469-339 1 Oregon! Clackamas (503) 6504)701 South Carolinai Computet Port. Dallas (214) 392- 7447; The Edge Computers Si Video II. Aumio [5)121 459.5440 VPaihingtois: Nybblei & Bytes, Taconu 1206) 475- 50.18; Omni International Trading. lied Deer (403) 342-4444; Software Superman, Edmonton (403) 425-069 1 : The Computer Shop of Calgary (403) 243-4356 British Columbia; Conri Computers, Vancouver (WW) 734-0606; MIX. Bo Jackson Baseball (Data East) and Micro League Baseball: The Manager's Challenge (Micro League Sports) 92 "Bo"defmilelv knows action, while "Chal- lenge" stresses strategy "Earl Weaver" style. Corpus Chtisti (512) BS&2275| Metropolitan Computers. Dallas (214) 70291 19; Microsearck, Houston (713) 988-2818; Tee torts Computers tt Video. Edmonton, (4031 448-0632: Computet Wniks, Edmonton (403) 424-001 1; Desktop Comput-inc. ELF (Ocean / Electronic Arts) 87 Fine medieval-fantasy platform game. Enjoy amazing live sex cams and adult free sex chat! Sexy girls are waiting for you to start talking to them. Get credit and go with them into the fog or take them into a private chat room, where they’ll put on a show for you with their body.

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