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He did it to John in order to keep him away from Ellie, (who was real). The Aftermath: Adam apologised for his behaviour and confessed all to Ellie via Skype.

Even Nev and Max were pretty scared of him as he emerged from his car slow-clapping and spoiling for a fight.

(She couldn't really afford the k but sent it anyway.) Keyonnah had been speaking with Dee's cousin Fred on the phone the whole time. The Aftermath: Keyonnah (and Dee) actually got to meet the real Bow Wow in a sweet little televised moment.

The girls are still in contact, and Dee continues to record rap music – and revealed to Max in a reunion episode that she was recently shot, but survived and is doing well. The Story: Mike and Caroline met on a dating website, and the pair had bonded after she revealed she was suffering from colon cancer, which his mother had previously passed away from.

But nope, the catfishing era is still going strong, and it's one of our favourite reality shows on right now.

The Story: Artis thought he was dating a girl named Jess and was prepared to dump his current real-world girlfriend (and the mother of his THREE kids) for her.

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