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It was, she felt certain, the most melancholy street in Toronto . Gay Street should be a gay street, thought Jane, with gay, friendly houses, set amid flowers, that cried out, "How do you do?

" to you as you passed them, with trees that waved hands at you and windows that winked at you in the twilights.

That woman on the street had said that Grandfather Kennedy was a nice friendly man but his father couldn't have been. Mother and grandmother were both away and Aunt Gertrude was in bed with a bad cold, or else Jane would not have been sitting in the back yard. Jane had her own particular reasons for liking to look at the moon . The cherry-tree, with the moon hanging over it like a great pearl, was so beautiful that Jane felt a queer lump in her throat when she looked at it . It was too long and too elaborate and it was dirty and grease-spotted.

Instead of that, Gay Street was dark and dingy, lined with forbidding, old-fashioned brick houses, grimy with age, whose tall, shuttered, blinded windows could never have thought of winking at anybody. But she was pretty as a picture then and was she crazy about him! People said she was never willing to let him out of her sight for a moment.

The trees that lined Gay Street were so old and huge and stately that it was difficult to think of them as trees at all, any more than those forlorn little things in the green pails by the doors of the filling station on the opposite corner. that were always closed and locked by Frank at night, thus giving Jane a very nasty feeling that she was a prisoner being locked in. And they said she hadn't cared for her first husband at all. died just after his first baby was born, I've heard." "Does she live all alone in that castle?

Aunt Gertrude would stoop just a little and Jane would kiss her narrow grey face.

That was the effect grandmother had on you, though she was so tiny and wrinkled . "Good night, grandmother." "Good night, Victoria." But Aunt Gertrude would be standing by the centre table and Jane would have to reach up to her, for Aunt Gertrude was tall.

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