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Instead, the links send viewers to phony websites where thieves steal credit card and personal information from visitors.

Others have been setting up fake charities claiming to raise funds for Harvey victims but pocket the money instead.

For example, Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund is accepting donations through the Greater Houston Community Foundation.

But scammers posing to be part of the foundation are sending out emails with links leading people to counterfeit websites.

Phishing scams have long been a worldwide problem after disasters.

The Federal Trade Commision issued warnings after earthquakes in Japan and Ecuador in 2016.

Lohrmann said that scam charity pages have been set up on Facebook that appear to raise money for the Harvey relief effort, but instead lead social media users to phony websites.

What other forms of respect can we add to our list – (school, home, sporting club, social activities etc)?

Students choose one of the following technologies/online tools: Groups should be of no more than four students and each technology may have more than one group assigned to it.

Ask students to do a Think-Pair-Share about the most recent way they exhibited respectful behaviour e.g.

saying please, thank you; giving up seat on bus; holding door open for someone etc.

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