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She opened up to me and told me she was a trainee lawyer. She previously worked in the fast food industry and it wasn't her cup of tea.

The 'Nice waitress' approached me with a menu, she was very pushy insinuating that I must buy a dance.

As an expert on the lapdancing scene in Krakow trusts me it happens.

As I didn't know this girl or find her relitivley attractive I wasn't sure this was a pleasant surprise. 20 minutes and £450 later I'm still in the room with a raging erection and no sense of closure.

They then asked me for another dance but I had to decline as I had already spent all of my Christmas money.

Taboo bills itself as the biggest Strip Club in the area, and judging by the lovely lasses looking at you up there, maybe a cut above the rest.

You wanted it you got it - exotic dancers in the city centre.

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