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I was very turned on by her and started to rub my cock through my pants. I often play with myself while watching her dance (or cook or do the laundry or sit in a chair reading a book).Soon I had my pants and BVDs off and was stroking my penis where she could see it.The rain fell hard and steady that weekend afternoon.My lover, Gwen, and I had planned to spend the day walking up and down Michigan Avenue checking out the store window displays and, perhaps, stopping in here and there to make a purchase. Instead of being out in public, we stayed in and ended up having a very good day. For those of you who care about such things, Gwen has very dark skin, short kinky hair, is rather tall, and has a somewhat pear-shaped figure.As for looks, I consider myself to be average looking at best.I enjoy working out with weights, taking long walks along the lakefront, listening to music, and reading mystery novels.Of particular interest to me is how her leotard seems to amplify the jiggling of her ample butt.

Part of our success together is a very satisfactory sex life.

Naturally, my motives for watching her are not all innocent!

When Gwen practices, she tends to wear form-fitting clothes that cling to her physical attributes very nicely.

Sometimes her routine brought her near to where I was sitting and she would blow me a kiss or very lightly touch the head of my cock with her long sculpted fingers.

That always gave me a jolt like electricity, but it was never enough to make me cum.

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