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He added me on Facebook and I just randomly accepted him, then on my birthday he start to say bunch of random crap to me and bunch of harsh stuff.Then a week ago, I blocked him and deleted him from my contact because he keeps bullying me no matter when, even in class or online. Being bully by the same person for more than 3 years is pretty sucks, whenever i see him, I always look myself down even though I'm a whole lot older than him, I feel frustrated.”" - 15 year-old boy from Muscat, Oman ""Whenever I am on Facebook, I am in fear of my account being hacked, mostly for the fact that Facebook app Yoville is a very effective method to obtain information and be able to successfully hack Facebook.No, this problem is not being solved and I'm scared to help her and tell them to stop. Like four eyes, alien and more just for wearing glasses. I don't think that kids who wear glasses shouldn't get made fun of.It's not someone's fault for wearing glasses."" - 11 year-old boy from MI ""I've been bullied on Twitter, by two people in the last couple weeks.

These kids are not being punished in any way and think the incident is funny!

I feel like I can't say anything with someone on Twitter bullying me. " " - 21 year-old girl from USA ""How ironic that Miranda Cosgrove is being used as the celebrity face for anti-bullying, since I just told my 11 yr. Everyone talks about stopping bullying, but they don't even recognize that THEY ARE THE BULLY!!!

I try to make it look like I don't care and all, but it never seems to work. old she can no longer watch "i Carly" because Carly and Sam (especially Sam) consistently bully "the less cool kids" on that show. "" - 11 year-old girl from USA ""There's a game called

I've told them to stop and to leave me alone, but they keep at it.

After I told them to stop and leave me alone, I stopped communication with them but they still kept tweeting me.

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