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In 18, political upheavals in Europe led to the War Office raising volunteer military corps of over 130,000 men.

Accrington Old Band got swept up in this and became the 7th Volunteer Rifle Corps (Lancs.) and later known as the 3rd Lancashire Volunteer Regiment.

Bands which folded for more than 1 year (apart from during WW1/2) with a successor band being later formed are regarded as "extinct".

Any contributions of material, information, pictures, or suggestions, references etc. Where the material warrants it, a separate page or archive will be established for particular bands. X Brass Band, X Silver Band, X Silver Prize Band, are not cross-referenced, unless it is clear that they were separate entities.

The Bandmaster was WO Johnstone-Harrhy who had been invalided out of the RAF Central Band, following 12 years service with the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Band.

In 1878 they were attached to the 11th Northumberland (Corbridge) Volunteers. The principal cornet player around 1870s and 1880s was Joseph Henderson, conductor Haydon Bridge in 1891.

In the late 1890s they were attached to the 1st Volunteer Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers. A typical story of one of the boys notes: "He was rescued from the demoralising custody of dissolute parents, and being placed in the band, speedily exhibited that passion for music and close application to the study of its principles which has led to his occupying the honourable position of bandmaster in Her Majesty's service." A visitor to the Reformatory in 1887 remarked: "I heard the well trained band perform a selection from "Masaniello".

Founded in 1957 by a former conductor of the Stoneywood Band, Alexander Buchan.

Some of the original members transferred from Stoneywood, finding it more convenient to attend practices in Aberdeen.

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