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BBC Radio 1's Teen Awards are now in their eighth year and this year's winners will be honoured at Radio 1's Teen Awards on Sunday staged at Wembley Arena.

The event will include performances from Rita Ora, The Vamps, Camila Cabello and Dua Lipa, as well as appearances by celebrity award winners and presenters.

Dozens of police officers gathered outside Jacobi Medical Center, some with balloons, to greet the wounded officer.

Maher was wheeled out the hospital to the cheers of the officers and was greeted by the Mayor of Yonkers.

Cops found him in a White Castle parking lot with a gun, 300 rounds of ammunition and knives in his possession, but was sentenced to just five years' probation as he was a minor.

Another suspect who was in the car with Valenica, named as Jerry Reyes, 22, by law enforcement sources, was arrested.

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Maher, who's been with the Yonkers police force for two years, was rushed to hospital but released on Tuesday afternoon.

But it has now emerged that Valencia was found with a handgun, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, brass knuckles and a machete on May 31 in The Bronx.

Because he was 17 at the time, however, Bronx Supreme Court judge George Villegas gave him probation and young offender status during his sentencing on September 20, according to the Bronx district attorney.

They're used to regularly rubbing shoulders with pop stars - with Ellie Goulding even performing at William and Kate's wedding reception in 2011.

And Prince William and Harry welcomed another chart-topping singer, Rita Ora, to Kensington Palace as they hosted a reception for Radio 1's Teen Heroes of 2017.

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