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These three Cambria Studios productions were infamous for their use of Syncro-Vox, a shortcut that superimposed the mouths of the voice actors onto still frames of the characters, resulting in a near total lack of actual animation.A Captain Fathom episode is included on a compilation DVD of the worst cartoons of all time.It’s just one horribly stupid, cringe-inducing moment after another with characters who are truly loathsome and unpleasant." Robert Bianco of USA Today also gave the show a negative review, saying it was "nasty and brutish", "rarely funny", and made them "hate every character except Julie".Nonetheless, a positive review came from the Chicago Sun-Times, saying the show had "comedic potential." Metacritic had an overall review of 40% for the show.Also, many TV critics noticed that the show's humor was very similar to South Park (one episode even had a character say "Screw you guys, I'm going home! Siegfried & Roy's reaction was more positive: "They laughed. They are always playful with one another, always playing tricks on one another.They encouraged us to have fun with that," said Katzenberg.most pointing out the show's poor attempt to emulate American animated shows, notably the uncanny character resemblances to Family Guy, as well as the poor art designs of the characters in general.Ian Hyland of The Daily Mail wrote: "it's rather apt that they've called it Full English. would have it for breakfast.", This series was created for Cartoon Network by Ben Jones and was globally panned, with writers of entertainment-related publications criticizing the visual style and writing.

It's nice to know that creators can occasionally give their twisted imaginations free reign [sic], but these six misadventures offer sufficient proof that a little restraint can go a long way." Pop Matters was more favorable, writing: "With snot as side dishes and vomit as gravy, the foulness is overwhelming, yet also clever.Rob Owen writing for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette called the style reminiscent of Atari 5200 video games and wrote that viewers could "thank" or "blame" Jones for his creation. O'Leary acknowledged the style as Paper Rad's own and found the writing more solid than that of Adult Swim's programming for which it could be mistaken.The jokes were not instantly funny according to O'Leary, but the visual style combined with the writing would provide amusement for Paper Rad's existing fans.and company really have a passion for animation, but the weak stories epitomize empty, heavy-handed shock value.[...] All in all, only a few of these six uneven adventures show sparks of promise, while others fall victim to the same problems that arose when Games Animation took over: the balance between sick humor and controlled chaos just wasn't treated with respect.

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