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In honour of his work, you can find a bust in the park in front of the Museo de Arte. Internal revolts, upheavals and battles for political power crisscrossed the entire country.

1922: One of the first English documented evidence of tourism in Mazatlan.

Often the first storey was built by one country, time passed and another country would add a second storey; providing different details in designs, balconies (iron and wood), window frames, tiles and shutters.

Much has changed since that 1922 National Geographic article on Mazatlan.

When you stroll through Centro Historico you’ll notice Mazatlan architecture is a portrait of Spanish, German, French and the British influences.

It’s a combination of all these countries which inspired an historian to refer to the architectural style as “tropical neo-classical.” Other things to keep in mind are: the older the building the less decorated, and the newer the building the more ornate.

Some historians claim the Germans with their skills and capital, shaped our port and made Mazatlan a prosperous city.

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There is no way of predicting which streets but bus take now, except we know that there are no buses on Olas Altas or Angles Flores.] Mazatlan means “place of the deer” in the old Nahuatl Indian language.

Then large ships can come in through the island portals that protect the entrance.” Depending upon your walking speed and your level of interest, this is a two hour self- guided walking tour; you’ll be walking about a mile. (stores don’t open until 11) and don’t leave home without: sunscreen, comfortable footwear, bottled water, hat, pesos for the green/white bus each way, lots of small pesos for shopping in the market (they don’t take any credit cards), a print out of this guide, and remember, look down at the sidewalk before you look up.

The sidewalks of Centro have steep steps and “sudden endings” – literally, you should stop walking and then gaze.

The wealth attracted many immigrants [and pirates and jail too! 1810: Mexico gained independence as a country, on September 16.

1817: Mazatlan becomes the main export route for gold and silver from mining cities nearby.

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