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No one paid for them to take yoga classes and equestrian lessons. They are quick with a smile, and they love to laugh and have fun.

The moment that you “friend” a Cambodian woman on Facebook, this event will be broadcast to all of your other Facebook friends.And because of their difficult upbringings, they don’t have a lot of hobbies.When most Cambodian women were old enough to help out around the house, they worked. In person, most young Cambodian women are happy, pleasant, charming individuals.Most Western women apparently live in fear of stalkers, bill collectors, and identify thieves, so they always have their Facebook profiles set to “private.” You can’t see any of their profile photos or learn any information about them at all unless they first accept your “friend request.” Fortunately, Cambodian women have no such privacy hangups.Most of them have their Facebook profiles set to “public,” so that everyone with internet access can see their photos and read their mopey status updates. If you meet a Cambodian woman who interests you, ask for her Facebook handle.

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