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So, sometimes, it requires a little extra snipping and reordering of yarn to get color sequences in order. The border disperses the colors so well, you can gather any snipped scraps from the blanket body and use them in the border. Furthermore, the border is actually quite a bit heavier than the blanket itself. I hope you’ll give Granny in the Sky with Diamonds a try. Use coupon code: diamonds Click here to get the pattern on Ravelry.Or, click here to have the pattern and coupon code automatically entered into your Ravelry cart. Offer valid until midnight PST, December 3rd, 2017.I have gathered 12 ways to join up the granny squares for you to choose, you may read it here.This solid granny square has an obvious diagonal cross on the block which was formed by the chain stitches at the corners.I have received some feedback requesting for the crochet pattern on this solid granny square, I heard you and here it is 🙂 My version of solid granny square is a little different from the traditional solid granny square.

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You may need to cut your yarn to get a stripe sequence in the correct order.In this case, we have yarn that does the color changing work for us. We still want to keep it simple so that the pattern isn’t competing with the yarn, but we don’t want to be bored either. I never got into the corner-to-corner craze that swept the crochet world not too long ago.We don’t have a lot of control over the color changes unless we want to do a lot of yarn snipping and rearranging, but that defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? we don’t really want to make the same basic patterns over and over again, do we? At that time I was more captivated by increasingly complex patterns that kept me on my toes and involved lots of crazy stitches and color changes.Remember the Flat Slip Stitch Granny Join tutorial I did a while ago?This is the crochet pattern of the Solid Granny Square I used to demonstrate FSS Granny Join in the tutorial.

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