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I should call Vicki up and say, "Come spend a day with me and let’s have a little chitty-chat about what I really do." Right now, at this given moment, the last week has just been kind of crunch time for my makeup line (Gretchen Christine Beaute) that I’m launching. Or can "Housewives" enthusiasts go to their local department store or CVS Pharmacy? I’m going to take this company through a few different phases.

I’m just really excited because it’s getting a lot of buzz and people seem to be really excited about it. The fact of the matter is, when we have the economy that we have; when we have real estate down; when we have every single aspect of the economy being affected, everyone gets affected.

Photoglou will have to appear in court on June 5th to face the assault and battery charges.

but at the same time, we all had to figure out a way to cut back and figure out a way to cut expenses.And, unfortunately, when you’re used to living a certain lifestyle.And when you’re used to living the high life, it’s hard to scale back.They didn’t show me as the entrepreneur that I was. and you start looking at your savings account and you say, ‘Oh my gosh, there’s no more money filling up that." It just starts depleting itself because every month you still gotta pay those bills. But the modern-day housewife is a totally different housewife. So for me, I was engaged to Jeff to be married and I was very much in charge of the house -- cooking and decorating and doing all the things you would associate with the traditional housewife. Maybe there’s something in the universe telling you to do this. If you listen to it, I told Bryan that I didn't want the song overproduced. I said my prayer to Jeff and God before I walked out there. does this mean there will be no follow-up to another Housewives hit "Tardy to the Party"? And it’s a very scary thing to go through when you don’t have a consistent paycheck coming in. How did you get involved with the show -- a lot of people question why you're on it considering you're not exactly a housewife? The only thing that doesn’t make me a housewife is that I don’t have the title of being married, but I do all the things a housewife does. And I’m really kind of sick of everything, everyday being about cancer. I didn't want all these special effects or for my voice to be changed or auto tuned. This is an opportunity I can’t pass up.” I went and did it. I got in front of 200 people -- one of them being Perez Hilton, which we know is the harshest critic in Hollywood, and the guy actually gave me kudos. I’m doing the song in memory of Jeff and donating the proceeds to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and to The Jeff Michaels Foundation that I started.

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