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Hagstrom had a long history of mass producing instruments in Europe under a number of brand names, but never gained mass acceptance in North America.

In 1962, Hagstrom launched a series of guitars with coloured hard plastic (lucite) tops and vinyl covered backs.

Below: Perhaps my favorite 1960’s guitars, the Domino’s.Below: One last Teisco, a Mosrite Joe Maphis copy, which was also the inspiration for the Eastwood Sidejack Series. I must say that this is perhaps one of the coolest guitars I have. Below: A few more Guyatones, the second one has a set neck, may be from the late fifties. Another 2015 Eastwood Custom Shop project was the Guyatone LG-50. Below: Another of my favorite designs, the EKO 700, in two models, 4V and 3V. According to my neighbor, one of the best playing guitars in the entire collection, the single pickup 1967 Red Cobra. Below: According to me, one of the best playing guitars in the collection, the Goya Rangemaster. As is the beautiful Red Galanti and the Espana 335. The GL Rangemaster is another outstanding Italian guitar. Then, the ever-popular but VERY hard to find 1967 Teisco May Queen.Then, a couple of Italian masterpieces: The Cobra is one of a dozen or so NOS guitars that I picked up when the Milwaukee connection flushed their last holdings. Below: Far left is a guitar I lust after, but have never owned. Eastwood makes an excellent Phase IV replica that is far better than the original. Next to that is a “Montclair” Burns copy, just like the Hi-Lo pictured earlier. Lastly is a token Airline Bass with a white Gumby headstock. (You can find a nice May Queen re-issue on the 1990 page and another recent Eastwood Custom Shop model here). The timeless Teisco ET460 Del Ray and a simple Sekova Bison.A curved control plated offered switches for pickup and tone (capacitor) selection, plus a mute switch, and a volume control.An all-new Hagstrom vibrato tailpiece was also added.

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