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spoke with five intersex people about sex, puberty, relationships, and what it's like to grow up with a body that doesn't fit the medical norm. Myself, I look completely female, but happen to have XY chromosomes.I don't have an official diagnosis, and often with intersex condition, that's the case.I'm an intersex woman without fully functioning gonads, or sex glands.While most females commonly possess two X chromosomes, my sex chromosomes are XY.

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They're the too often forgotten "I" at the end of LGBTQI, but according to the Intersex Society of North America, 1 in every 100 people is born with a body that doesn't fit what we typically think of as "male" or "female." Although some intersex people are identified at birth based on the appearance of their genitalia, others discover their status when puberty hits (or doesn't hit), and others still reach old age without ever learning about their condition. Woman A: Being intersex means being born with some characteristics that don't neatly fit into the "normal" spectrum of human sexual development (were there such a thing).

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